Planning for that date nigh to be as perfect as possible could be a great task to fulfill, most especially when your boyfriend or girlfriend says that you need to surprise him or her. More than the surprise you need to make for that perfect night, another thing you should pay attention to is your attire. You don’t want to ruin a date night just because you are underdressed for the occasion.  

In order to create an impression to your partner that you are really into him or her, here are some of the most amazing tips you need to understand and follow with regards to the best attire you will have to wear during the occasion.  

The Coat 

First on the list in dressing as a true gentleman is the coat. A fitted button down shirt topped by a coat could never ever go wrong. There are tons of options you could choose for your topcoat over a good shirt. A white button down paired with a tie is a good thing, but if you are a little too casual, let go of the tie and pursue a great color.  


If you don’t want to risk yourself on a coat, a winter blazer is a good alternative. The secret of choosing the right winter blazer is the fabric, especially if you want to let yourself keep warmed, without compromising fashion. Cashmere, wool or tweed are good options in order to get dressed well. Tweed is the best option, since it is flexible as well as elegant to look at. But, cashmere is a great way to better your cuddle moments with your partner.  

The Accessories 

Even if the clothing will bring so much into your personality, some accessories are the best it keeping you in style just a little bit further. A fedora, a jewelry like a ring or a watch is the best things that a true gentleman could lean on especially when special events like date nights.  

The Right Restaurant 

More than the clothing and accessories, another thing you need to consider in a date night is of course, a good restaurant. Consider your favorites but don’t forget that you are in a date with your partner, thus, consider his or her options as well. A romantic and exquisite restaurant will not only make your partner happy, but it would also make him or her realize that you are indeed paying a lot of effort just to make them feel happy. That’s a good point, isn’t it? 

While conventional restaurants are good options, thinking out of the box could also be a great way to start a date night well. A movie, an activity which is something fun and exciting are only some ways to spice up your date night. However, the most important thing you need to remember is that you are not only doing this for the sake of your happiness, but your partner’s as well. Thus, consider their personal likes and avoid the things they don’t so that  at the end of the night, it would all be perfect.