Representation of electronic components

In our company we approached the representation of electronic components dividing of a firm commitment for the client, fidelizando to our buyers through a customized service and a relation quality price that we strived every day to optimize. We are distributing importers and who worry to maintain some standard as solid as demand our scope of work at the same time as we provided the opportunity to him to take advantage of a competitive amount in its order any type of piece.

Decades of professional baggage in the sector serve basic to the work that we developed, which is not obstacle so that we continue incorporating those products that contribute to a yield superior or facilitate the advantage of new technologies of the interest of our clients. We work from Barcelona for an ample base of users.

Company of representation of electronic components

Representation of electronic components

In our website it can know direct and detailed form the different product families who we approached in our activity as distributors of electrical and electronic components. For many of the references that we commercialized, we included lists of credits that allow him to know a look the data to consider for their purchase. In the same way, always we remain to its disposition to contribute information to him or to solve its doubts around anyone of the components that we have on sale.

We have a particular specialization in different fields from interest within which it includes our scope of work. It does not stop consulting the advantages that we can provide to him in his order of components of control of temperature - including for example thermoresistances PTC and NTC- or when one is to obtain a solid state relay by an unbeatable price, always with the own guarantees of an expert representative, who concentrates in as much satisfying the needs and expectations with the clients in the short one as in the long term.

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