NOU ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, is born after 30 years of experience in the electronic sector. Our company this dedicated to the import/distribution and representation of electronic and electrical components.

Being the philosophy of the company obtaining to serve best, to locate to best products or suppliers and to offer to its clients the best relation quality price.

NOU ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, has an ample range of components of control of temperature, electromechanical, sensorial components of gas, alcohol, sensors ultrasounds, sensors of level, etc…

In addition we have components several, as tips of connection, tips trafo, displays, motors DC, lamps flash, coils firing…

NOU ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, inagura its new Web, with catalogue on line of our components.

If You this interested or do not locate the type of component that needs, it asks for information without commitment, we will be enchanted to inform to him.